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Tay Ninh Police work on measures to reduce traffic accidents

January, 09 2018
MPS - The Tay Ninh Provincial Police on January 6 held a conference to discuss measures to control traffic accidents as the province witnessed a large number of traffic accidents in December 2017, with 15 people dead, 18 others injured.


Tay Ninh Police work on measures to reduce traffic accidents.

At the conference, delegates analyzed and assessed the situation, and clarified the causes of the traffic accidents in the past time, which include heavy traffic, downgraded many traffic routes and people’s low sense of observance of the traffic law (In fact, many people follow traffic rules only when they see traffic policemen).

According to the delegates, the inefficient operation of the traffic safety committees of communes, wards and towns was part of the causes. But, drink-driving was considered the leading origin of many serious traffic accidents.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Tri Phuong, Director of the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department, said, while identifying causes of the traffic accidents, the conference discussed and proposed solutions to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Accordingly, the police force was asked to enhance dissemination of the traffic law among car drivers and youths, to strictly handle cases of drink-driving, promote the effective use of camera images in handling traffic offenses, improve the quality of traffic control; and quickly suggest fixing inadequacies in transport infrastructure.

By Phung Nguyen