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The security industry sector strive to improve the quality of product as well as efficiency of production and business

July, 09 2020
MPS - The Department of Security Industry (SID) under the Ministry of Public Security on July 8th organized a conference to review its task performance in H1 of 2020 and deploy its working plans in the coming time.

Overview of the conference.

Speaking at the conference, Senior Colonel Nguyen Khac Cuong, Director of the SID emphasized that the leadership of the department has focused on Party building, force building, and support policy for its officers, soldiers and civilian employees over the past six months, contributing to the achievements in all working aspects of the SID.

Recently, the SID successfully organized its first Party Congress for the term of 2020-2025 and started implementing the first Party Congress’s Resolution and Working Program.  At the same time, it accelerates the progress and ensures the quality of the ongoing projects.

Delegates at the conference.

In the time to come, when the Prime Minister approve Project "Strengthening scientific and technical potentials for the People's Public Security Forces in service of the Vietnam Marine Economic Sustainable Development Strategy till 2030, with a vision to 2045,” it will realize its development plan for the period of 2020 - 2025.

The Director of the Department also asked affiliated companies to be more creative and dynamic in business and production and improve the quality of products, meeting the task requirements of the Public Security Forces in the current context.

By Minh Thao