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Thousands of ill-behaved youths become good citizens in Ben Tre

November, 02 2017
MPS - The Ben Tre Provincial Police on October 31 in collaboration with the Ben Tre Provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union chapter held a conference to sum up their coordination in educating ill-behaved youths and conducting activities of local youths to maintain security and order in the province in the period 2014-2017.

According to reports at the meeting, juvenile crimes tended to increase and be rejuvenated. In particular, some ex-prisoners continued to commit crime as they do not have stable jobs due to social discriminations against them.



Against this backdrop, the Ben Tre police force and Youth Union committees at all levels asked their members to sign a commitment not to break the laws on one hand, and set an objective under which each basic-level youth organization supports an ill-behaved youth to be a good citizen.

During the past 3 years, Youth Union organizations at all levels in the province undertook the responsibility for educating 2,917 young ill-behaved people and successfully turned 1,208 to be good citizens whole finding jobs for 325 young people.

On this occasion, the Director of Ben Tre Provincial Police and the Ben Tre Provincial Youth Union Committee presented certificates of merit to 12 organizations and 14 individuals with outstanding achievements in this social work and maintenance of security and order in the province.

By An Nhien