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Traffic Police ensures traffic safety during the APEC Week 2017 in Da Nang

November, 10 2017
MPS - From 3am on November 9, the Da Nang Traffic Police force deployed its police officers and soldiers to the routes and Da Nang International Airport to escort 10 delegation of APEC member economies’ leaders attending the APEC Summit Week.

The Mexico, Peru and Hong Kong-China delegations arrived at Da Nang International Airport at 6.15 am on September 9; and 5 hours later, the Myanmar and Malaysia delegations also arrived in.

5 delegations that arrived in Da Nang in the afternoon were Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Japan.



Due to their busy schedule, the traffic police force had sent their officers to the airport, ready to lead the delegations to the designated locations punctually while ensuring absolute safety.

Earlier on November 8, hundreds of local traffic police officers in coordination with other forces were working in rains to ensure security and safety of the Papua New Guinea delegation led by its Prime Minister Peter O’Neill going from Da Nang International Airport to their hotel in Son Tra.



From 11.30 am, the traffic police started blocking all important intersections and the roads that the delegations would go, which made thousands of vehicles change their ways but local people were happy following the traffic police’s guides to give way to convoys of delegates. 

The roadblocks were quickly removed at 12.35pm when all convoys of delegates had passed, and the traffic on the city’s main axis from Da Nang International Airport to Son Tra district was back to normal.

On November 7, the local traffic police also welcomed and convoyed 26 delegations of Foreign Ministers, Economic Ministers and other senior officials of APEC member economies. 

By An Nhien