Traffic police force seeks to ensure smooth traffic amidst complex pandemic

July, 21 2021
MPS - The Traffic Police Department on July 18 sent an official dispatch requesting leaders of provincial-level police departments to direct the implementation of some drastic measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Particularly, the Traffic Police Department requested the local police forces to strictly follow the directions of the Government, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Traffic Police Department on COVID-19 prevention and control. 

Local traffic police units should coordinate with the provincial-level Departments of Transport to forecast possible complicated pandemic situations and promptly advise local anti-pandemic Steering Committees to issue specific regulations on sets of badges for vehicles entering or exiting the locality in accordance with Directive No. 16/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister.

They were also asked to guide drivers of priority vehicles transporting essential goods and cargo escorts who have valid COVID-19 negative test results to use QR codes to shorten the time for COVID-19 checks at checkpoints.

In order to ensure smooth traffic at the checkpoints, the Traffic Police Department asked on-duty police officers to mobilize people to seriously follow anti-pandemic regulations of the Ministry of Health and make full use of the mass media to popularize regulations on valid COVID-19 test certificates, vehicle identification cards and electronic medical declarations for all people and vehicles going in and out pandemic-hit areas.

Directors of provincial-level police departments should advise local authorities to remove unnecessary checkpoints to facilitate the transportation of essential goods and foods while requesting other sectors to deploy adequate force to inter-discipline checkpoints.

The Traffic Police Department also requested the local police forces to ensure traffic order and safety, ensure safe production and circulation of goods within their localities and easy transportation of food between provinces or cities. They were also asked to coordinate with the Departments of Transport, the Departments of Health, and relevant forces of their provinces to organize rapid COVID-19 testing for long-distance drivers in line with local anti-COVID-19 regulations while avoiding traffic jams at the testing sites. 

The Traffic Police Department also asked on-duty police officers and soldiers to have decent manner and behavior toward drivers and people, while performing their duties.

by Phuong Thao