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Traffic Police Force successfully fulfills the APEC Summit Week 2017 mission

November, 16 2017
MPS - Major General Tran Son Ha, Director of the Traffic Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security on Sunday chaired a conference to review the work of ensuring security and order, traffic safety and the escorting of delegations during the APEC Summit Week 2017.

The event witnessed the presence of Lieutenant General Pham Quoc Cuong, Commander of the Mobile Police Command; and representatives of the General Department of Security, the Da Nang Municipal Police and nearly 850 police officers and soldiers from the Traffic Police Departments and from 63 provincial-level police departments that had sent their forces to serve the APEC Summit Week 2017.

Speaking at the conference, Major General Tran Xuan Ha said that in the APEC Year 2017, the traffic police force has escorted hundreds of delegations safely, punctually and without any minor incidents, , promoting the good image of the Vietnam’s public security forces in general and the traffic police force in particular in the eyes of international friends and delegates.



At the same time, the traffic police force also focused on handling traffic violations that might directly cause traffic accidents. The force coordinated closely with other forces in attacking crimes on traffic routes; detected and arrested many suspects in trafficking drugs and other prohibited goods, and smuggling, which contributed to ensuring social security and order and traffic safety nationwide in the peak month.

"These results of the traffic police force have been praised by the Party, the State, leaders of the Public Security Ministry as well as local authorities and people. Before the APEC Summit Week, the State President Tran Dai Quang spent time meeting and encouraging traffic police officers and soldiers working in Da Nang. Leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, the Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Public Security Ministry also visited the traffic police force in Da Nang, especially policewomen, for several times. Leaders of provincial police departments and provincial traffic police divisions also met and encouraged their policemen working for APEC Summit Week. These moves and activities showed the great care of leaders at all levels and became a great source of encouragement for the traffic police force to strive to fulfill the assigned tasks during the APEC Summit Week in Da Nang.


At the conference, the Traffic Police Department honored and rewarded organizations and individuals with outstanding achievements in ensuring security and order and traffic safety, serving the APEC Summit Week.

On this occasion, nearly 1000 police officers and soldiers of the traffic police force and delegates at the conference also held a fundraising for the victims of recent floods in Central provinces, and for 8 police officers whose families were severely damaged by typhoon No.12 and floods.

By An Nhien