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Training courses held for police officers of Southern provinces

November, 01 2017
MPS - The People’s Police College 2 (T39), under the Ministry of Public Security – MPS opened organized a ceremony to open 2 training courses on laws and police professional tactics for officers working in southern police units, in Ho Chi Minh City on October 30.



The courses were attended by 165 officers of various police departments and units of the Southern provinces, of whom 83 attend a three-month course, and the remainders are enrolled in a six-month course.

According to Major General Vu Duc Khien, Rector of the T39, the courses will run from October 2017 to April 2018.

Participants of the courses will be provided with basic knowledge of the laws and police professional tactics as well as given a chance to practice the tactics. These courses are designed for newly recruited policemen who have graduated from non-police educational institutions but still have good political qualities, and some legal and professional knowledge to meet the demands of the police and to be able to fulfill all given tasks in prevention and fight against criminal activities and protection of security and order in the future. 
By Duy Tien