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Trang Dinh district police make efforts to ensure security and social order in border areas

September, 16 2020
MPS - The police force of Trang Dinh district (Lang Son province) has thoroughly grasped the local security situation and taken various professional measures to prevent crimes and social evils in borders areas.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Lieu Duy Khanh, Deputy Head of the Trang Dinh District Police Station, over the past months, the local police have deployed forces to ensure absolute safety for the Party congresses for the 2020 – 2025 term of all agencies and organizations in the district. Their efforts were highly appreciated by the local Party Committees and authorities.

Trang Dinh district police call on people to surrender weapons and combat gears to the authorities.

Since the beginning of 2020, the leadership of the Trang Dinh district police directed local policemen to take many preventive measures against crimes, including strictly managing criminal suspects residing in the locality, thoroughly grasping security situations at the grassroots level, or organizing night patrols in areas with complex security and social order issues. Additionally, the local police closely coordinated with other functional forces to effectively prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic into the local community while managing foreigners living and working in the locality.

The district police made great efforts to successfully investigate and 25 criminal cases and recover the lost public assets worth over VND 110 million in total.

They also handled four gambling cases, arrested 17 people involved, and seized many related exhibits. Especially, the local police in coordination with other relevant units detected and arrested 15 people organizing the illegal entry into and exit from Vietnam.

They also mobilized all people to surrender more than 50 guns of all kinds, four electric shockers, 29 bullets and many homemade explosives to the local authorities.

Police of Quoc Khanh commune (Trang Dinh district) guide people to carry out administrative procedures.

As Trang Dinh is a border district where drug-related rings operate, the criminals hire poor undereducated people to transport illicit drugs across the borderline. Since the beginning of the year, the Trang Dinh district police have discovered and arrested 12 drug-related cases with 23 people involved.

The district police also posted 73 professional policemen to all 22 communes and townships in the district. The newly-posted professional communal policemen have overcome all difficulties to well maintain security and social order in their designated localities, making many achievements which were highly praised by the local authorities and people.

In the time to come, the Trang Dinh district police will continue to effectively implement their working plans, further promote emulation movements for national security protection in 2020, and launch more intensive campaigns against crimes of all kinds and social evils in the locality in order to ensure local security and social order, contributing to the local socio-economic development.

by An Son