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University of Fire Prevention and Fighting successfully produces hand sanitizer

March, 24 2020
MPS - In response to the complicated situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam, the University of Fire Prevention and Fighting (UFPF) established a Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control to direct each unit of the university to strictly implement COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

Hand sanitizer (ANTICOV) products.


The steering committee advised leaders of the UFPF to popularize information dissemination on COVID-19 prevention measures to all officers, lecturers and cadets at the school.

Leaders of the UFPF also managed health information statements of all officers, lecturers and cadets of the school and asked medical officers to regularly check body temperature of all people working and studying at the university.

Additionally, leaders of the UFPF directed all units to disinfect all facilities as well as the university’s premises, and attach great importance to ensuring food safety.

The school also offer medical facemasks to all officers, lecturers and cadets as well as place hand sanitizers at all public places in the school.

Recently, a group of lecturers of the UFPF have produced hand sanitizers (ANTICOV), contributing to preventing the epidemic from spreading in the Public Security Forces and the community as a whole.

By Minh Thao