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Vietnamese Mobile Police actively participating in ensuring security for Second US - DPRK Summit

February, 26 2019
MPS - The Vietnamese Mobile Police High Command, on February 26, held a ceremony to launch its forces to protect the US - DPRK Summit in Hanoi.

Commander of Mobile Police Pham Quoc Cuong delivers a speech at the ceremony.

The Second US - DPRK Summit, scheduled for two days (February 27-28, 2019) in Hanoi, is a significant political and diplomatic event attracting international and regional attention. Therefore, ensuring security, safety for this event is a particularly important mission assigned to the Ministry of Public Security in general and the High Command of Mobile Policein particular.

Earlier, the Mobile Police High Command had actively devised action plans in accordance with its functions and tasks while further grasping of the local security situation and stepping up security and order plans at the designated areas.

At the ceremony, Lieutenant General Pham Quoc Cuong, High Commander of Mobile Police, underlined that as all personnel is ready, and weapons and equipment are well-prepared, the Mobile Police High Command deployed its forces and assets to the airport and railway stations as well as key locations along the routes to the hotels to ensure security and safety for the two high-ranking DPRK and US delegations yesterday.

During these days, the Mobile Police Command have mobilized 100 percent of its officers and soldiers to ensure security and safety for the Summit, contributing to improving the status of the country as well as beautifying the image of Vietnamese Mobile Police force in international friends’ eyes.
Photos of the ceremony:

The Commander inspects mobile police officers on duty.

The Commander inspects equipment and weapons of police officers.

Overview of the ceremony.

Vehicles mobilized to protect the Summit.


By Mai Hoan