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Ha Tinh Police arrest dangerous drug-related criminals

February, 15 2019
MPS - After 4 hours of fierce combat, by late afternoon on February 15, the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Force successfully arrested 3 drug traffickers in Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province.

At 3pm on February 15, the Investigation Police Force on Drug-related Crimes under the Ministry of Public Security in cooperation with the Drug-related Criminal Investigation Division of the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department and the Huong Son District Police Station detected 2 cars running toward Huong Son District with some suspicious signs. The team then stopped the vehicles for an irregular check. 

However, the drivers accelerated the cars and drove away towards Son Giang Commune, Huong Son District. The police force then used various professional measures and overpowered one suspect on the car with its licensed plate number 81A-17496, seized a large pack suspected of drugs. 

The 2 other suspects on the remaining car without a number plate continued to run away. When reaching the intersection between Son Lam and Son Giang Commune, Huong Son District, the car overturned.

Although the police spent much time persuading the suspects to surrender, but they with military weapons kept staying in the car, and were ready to fire at policemen approaching the car. Leaders of the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department mobilized various forces to besiege the suspects.

By 8pm on same day, the suspects finally surrendered. The suspect with a gun who stood firm in the vehicle and surrendered last is Nguyen Thanh Trung (aged 34, residing at Son Tay Commune, Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province). According to local sources, Trung is a drug addict and an HIV/AIDS patient. A few hours earlier, Ha Tinh police had arrested 2 other suspects of the same criminal network. 

At this point, the police are continuing their investigation into the case.

Several photos of the raid:

Leaders of the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department discuss combat plans in the scene.

Leaders of the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department and families of the suspects persuade the drug traffickers to give themselves up to the police.

The police besiege the suspects.

All the roads surrounding the location are blocked.

by Linh Chi