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September, 19 2018

Police of Kon Tum organize early Full-Moon Festival for ethnic children

In the build-up to the Full-Moon Festival, the Youth Union chapter of the Kon Tum Provincial Police and the Party and Political Work Office of the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Municipal Police hosted a Full-Moon party for ethnic children in Dak Blo commune, Dak Glei district, Kon Tum.

September, 18 2018

PPA brings early Full-Moon Festival to child-patients

In the build-up to the Full-Moon Festival, the Labor Union chapter of the People’s Police Academy (PPA) in collaboration with other organizations held the “Full-Moon Festival” program for child-patients at the National Hospital of Paediatrics.

September, 15 2018

Police forces support farmers in response to Mangkhut super typhoon

In response to Mangkhut typhoon, police units of Northern provinces had deployed forces to key areas to ensure security and order and help local people harvest their crops.

September, 12 2018

Youths of Hanoi Police organize Mid-Autumn Festival for sick children

Youths of the Mobile Police Regiment and the Office of Investigation Police under Hanoi Municipal Police Department coordinated with a team of teachers from kindergartens in Hoan Kiem and Hai Ba Trung districts and donors to organize a Mid-autumn festival for child-patients with cancers treated at Pediatric Ward of K Hospital (Thanh Tri District, Hanoi).

September, 12 2018

Police units active in supporting students

The Women’s Association of the Quang Ngai Police organized a program to support and encourage students of the day-boarding school of Long Mon commune, Minh Long district, Quang Nam before the 2018-2019 academic year.

September, 05 2018

Thanh Hoa Police active in helping people overcome aftermath of floods

The Provincial Police of Thanh Hoa deployed forces during the recent vacation days to various localities to help people overcome aftermath of the recent flooding.

September, 04 2018

Bac Lieu Police actively carry charitable activities

The Emulation Grouping of the force building units under the Provincial Police Department of Bac Lieu organized various activities to support students in preparation for the new academic year and commune police officers in Phong Thach Tay B commune, Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu.

September, 03 2018

Police help students in flooded areas return to school

Recent heavy rains together with quick releases of huge volumes of water from hydropower reservoirs have badly damaged hundreds of schools in northern provinces and preventing teachers and students from going to school, and leaving negative impacts on people’s lives and production.

August, 30 2018

Hoa Binh Police use vehicles to transport people through flooded areas

Leaders of the Mai Chau District Police Station, Hoa Binh Province on August 30 deployed over 100 police officers and soldiers to flooded and landslide areas, in collaboration with local forces, to help people move out of the dangerous areas.

August, 27 2018

Bac Lieu Police active in supporting students in new academic year

The Women’s Organization of the Bac Lieu Provincial Police on August 27 presented 50 gifts to poor students with high academic records at Le Van Tam Primary School, ward 1, Bac Lieu city.