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October, 03 2018

An Giang Police visit and present gifts to Khmer people

A delegation of the An Giang Provincial Police Department on October 3 visited, inquired after and presented gifts to the monks, venerable monks and nuns at Khmer pagodas in An Giang province on the occasion of the SeneDolta Festival, a local Khmer ceremonial to worship their ancestors.

October, 03 2018

Ca Mau police issue ID cards for poor people at their places

The police of Phu Tan district, Ca Mau coordinated with the police of Cai Doi Vam town to make a list of elderly, sick and poor people in the locality to come to their places and issue ID cards to them. The local police’s support for the disadvantaged people was seen as a response to the movement “Building on the People’s Police officers’ manners of bravery, humanity and devotedness to the people”.

October, 01 2018

Quang Ninh police active in environmental protection activities

In response to a campaign to protect the environment in 2018, the Environmental Police of Quang Ninh has organized many communication activities to raise awareness and responsibilities of organizations and individuals in observing the laws on environmental protection and food safety in tourist services and activities at Tuan Chau International Passenger Port.

September, 26 2018

Bac Lieu Police present gifts to Khmer people

The Personnel and Organization Office of the Bac Lieu Provincial Police visited and presented gifts to poor Khmer households in Vinh Trach commune, Bac Lieu city, on the occasion of the Dolta Festival of the Khmer people.

September, 26 2018

Young police officers of Ha Giang piloting model “Stopover of compassionateness”

Young officers of the Ha Giang Provincial Police Department have just completed the pilot model “Stopover of compassionateness” at Km12 on the road from Ha Giang city to the karst plateau geopark districts of Ha Giang province.

September, 24 2018

Quang Ninh Police visit villages and issues ID cards to locals

A working team of the Tien Yen District Police Station (Quang Ninh Province) on September 24 went to remote villages and granted free ID cards to 121 residents of Dai Duc Commune.

September, 19 2018

Police of Kon Tum organize early Full-Moon Festival for ethnic children

In the build-up to the Full-Moon Festival, the Youth Union chapter of the Kon Tum Provincial Police and the Party and Political Work Office of the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Municipal Police hosted a Full-Moon party for ethnic children in Dak Blo commune, Dak Glei district, Kon Tum.

September, 18 2018

PPA brings early Full-Moon Festival to child-patients

In the build-up to the Full-Moon Festival, the Labor Union chapter of the People’s Police Academy (PPA) in collaboration with other organizations held the “Full-Moon Festival” program for child-patients at the National Hospital of Paediatrics.

September, 15 2018

Police forces support farmers in response to Mangkhut super typhoon

In response to Mangkhut typhoon, police units of Northern provinces had deployed forces to key areas to ensure security and order and help local people harvest their crops.

September, 12 2018

Youths of Hanoi Police organize Mid-Autumn Festival for sick children

Youths of the Mobile Police Regiment and the Office of Investigation Police under Hanoi Municipal Police Department coordinated with a team of teachers from kindergartens in Hoan Kiem and Hai Ba Trung districts and donors to organize a Mid-autumn festival for child-patients with cancers treated at Pediatric Ward of K Hospital (Thanh Tri District, Hanoi).