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600 police officers of Ha Nam donate blood

February, 27 2019
MPS - The Provincial Police of Ha Nam in association with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion organized a blood donation day on February 26, with the participation of some 600 donors.


Various police officers and soldiers of Ha Nam came to the venue early in the morning to donate their blood. Senior Lieutenant Tran Thanh Hai, who had donated his blood 17 times, and his fellow officers with joy participated in the voluntary blood donation day because they had fully understood the meaning and importance of blood donation.

The blood donation day was organized after the Traditional Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), a period of the year in which hospitals experience a shortage of blood for medical treatment. The organizers of the blood donation day revealed that they collected 225 blood units at the end of the day.

The Provincial Police Department of Ha Nam has organized such blood donation drive for 10 years in a row, bringing more opportunities of living, joy and happiness for patients.

The Director of the Provincial Police also honored 10 teams and individuals who was active in the blood donation campaign in 2018.


Hoa Anh