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Bac Lieu Firefighters offer free porridge to patients

May, 16 2018
MPS - The Fire Police Division of the Bac Lieu Provincial Police organizes the charity activity "Meals of compassion" every week, providing free porridge for patients at Phuoc Long District Hospital.

Every Friday, at 6am, many patients at Phuoc Long District Hospital stand in a queue to receive free porridge cooked and allocated by the officers and soldiers of the Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Sub-Division in charge of the Phuoc Long-Hong Dan districts, under the Fire Police Division of Bac Lieu province.

By offering some 100 patients porridge pots, each worth 500,000 VND, the police firefighters hope to reduce difficulties of poor patients.

Mrs. Le Thi Mai, a needy woman residing at Phuoc Thanh hamlet, Phuoc Long commune, who is caring for her husband at Phuoc Long Hospital, was so moved when receiving the meal from local firefighters.

Captain Hoang Minh Hai, Chief of the Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Sub-Division said that their support is not very significant but demonstrating their sentiments for poor patients, with the hope that they will soon recover.

Such a social activity contributes to beautify the image of the police in people's hearts.

By Minh An