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Community Reintegration Development Fund achieves positive results

November, 06 2019
MPS - In order to help former convicts reintegrate into the local community, the Tan Chau District Police Station under the Tay Ninh Provincial Police Department proposed the Tan Chau District People's Committee to establish a fund for local offended persons.

The Tan Chau District Community Reintegration Development Fund, established in 2015, has called on local individuals and businesses to contribute VND 530 million in total to the fund.  The fund’s Management Board has considered and lent 20 former offenders with VND 10-25 million each. They then invested the loans in animal husbandry, production and small businesses.

Members of the Management Board of Tan Chau Community Reintegration Development Fund visit a former convict who was lent capital to raise goats.


Mr. Tran Van Hung, Deputy Chief of the Thanh Dong Communal Police Post said, most of the local borrowers used the loans for the right purpose. Since they have jobs and incomes, they will hardly return to crime, thus contributing to local security and social order.

In order to reintegrate former convicts effectively to the local community, in the coming time, the Tan Chau District Police will continue advising the Party committees and authorities at all levels to direct and effectively implement the dissemination of information about the fund and its meaningful purposes while mobilizing local people to join in supporting former inmates in the locality.


by Tien Dung