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Despite their injuries, police officers keep on performing duties and rescuing people

November, 06 2020
MPS - During the recent heavy rains and floods, officers and soldiers of the police station of Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province have always been on duty at critical and dangerous areas to rescue people.

The recent flooding caused severe damages to people in Le Thuy district and the local victims include families of local police officers. Although some of the local policemen knew that their homes and assets had been swept away by flash floods, and others suffered injuries, all still kept at their posts performing their duties.

For days and nights during the recent disaster, the Le Thuy district police successfully evacuated over 5,000 local households. As soon as the floodwaters subsided, the Le Thuy District Police Station mobilized over 300 officers and soldiers to help clean up the kindergartens and primary schools in the locality, and repair school facilities so that local children could soon go to school.

The police have to remove roof tiles to take people out of flood centers.

Police force is evacuating people to safe zones during the flooding.

by Trung Cuong