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Female public security officers "rescue” farm produce in COVID-19-hit localities in Hai Duong

March, 05 2021
MPS - The Women’s Union organization of the Ministry of Public Security sent teams to the COVID-19 pandemic-hit province of Hai Duong to buy tons of farm produce on March 3, helping local farmers in isolated areas overcome their difficulties in selling their products.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thi Que, Vice Chairperson of the Women's Union organization of the Ministry of Public Security said, “In order to support farmers in Hai Duong to overcome their difficult time, the Women’s Union organization bought from local farmers more than 21 tons of vegetables and fruit, and more than 73,000 chicken eggs. At present, farmers in several localities in Hai Duong province cannot go out of their places due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak”.

Officers buy farm produce from Hai Duong and then sell them in Hanoi.

These farm products were carefully examined and disinfected to ensure safety before being transported to Hanoi for trade.

Thanks to the practical support from female officers from the Ministry of Public Security, a large amount of farm produce in Hai Duong was sold, helping farmers get money to invest in new crops.

by Cong Quyet