Gia Lai police donate VND 500 million to COVID-19 Vaccine Fund

June, 15 2021
MPS - On June 14, at the headquarters of the Gia Lai Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Major General Rah Lan Lam, Director of the Gia Lai Provincial Police Department, presented VND 500 million to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund.

The money was donated by police officers and soldiers in the Gia Lai province, in response to the call of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and the Government to support the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund. 

This donation not only showed the Gia Lai police officers and soldiers’ support for the fund but also contributed to the common effort to fight COVID-19. 

Gia Lai police donate VND500 million to COVID-19 Vaccine Fund.

At the event, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee Dinh Thi Giang thanked the leadership of the Gia Lai Provincial Police Department as well as police officers, and soldiers in the province for their support.

She also affirmed that the support of the Gia Lai police force is very meaningful in the context of the complicated, fast-spreading, dangerous and unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic.

by Huu Thang