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Ha Nam police present helmets to poor students

March, 24 2019
MPS - On the occasion of the 88th Anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Party (March 26, 1931 – 2019), the Youth Union Chapters of the Force Building Division and Traffic Police Division under Ha Nam Provincial Police Department co-hosted a dissemination drive on the Traffic Law and traffic safety regulations for students and teachers of Liem Can Secondary School, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam.

At the event, some 350 students and teachers listened to traffic police officers of Ha Nam talking about the number of traffic accidents in Vietnam in general and in Ha Nam in particular, main causes of traffic accidents, and ways to prevent traffic accidents.  They also improved their basic knowledge of the Traffic Law, learnt how to wear helmet correctly, and trained in handling several cases related to social order and safety.

During the event, the police officers also asked students various questions about traffic rules, with the aim of raising their awareness of obeying traffic regulations, contributing to curbing traffic accidents in the area.

On this occasion, organizers also donated 15 helmets to poor students with high academic records.

by Duy Tien