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Ha Tinh police clean up environment as floodwater recedes

November, 03 2020
MPS - Kim Hoa Kindergarten in Kim Hoa commune, Huong Son district of Ha Tinh, was submerged due to heavy rains caused by Storm No.9.

50 policemen of the Huong Son District Police Station and communal police post of Kim Hoa were deployed with means and vehicles to help teachers and local people clean up the environment after the floodwater receded. Many of the school supplies and facilities were damaged or washed away, so the school could not reopen to welcome local children.

Local police present VND 20 million to support flood-hit people.

Earlier, many policemen were deployed to flooded and isolated areas to evacuate local people and their property to safer places, supply food, drinking water and some other essentials for affected people.

The police from the Huong Son District Station coordinated with communal police officers to place signs warning local people against entering dangerous areas.

Ha Tinh policemen join hands with people clean up environment after the floods.

The local police also tried to regulate the traffic and prevent traffic jams, ensure security and order in the locality while drawing up plans to respond to possible scenarios of rains and flood.

Additionally, the district police also donated some VND 20 million to support flood-hit people.

by Linh Chi