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Hoa Phuoc Traffic Police ensures safety for people and vehicles in flood

November, 08 2017
MPS - The water level in the lower sections of the Vu Gia and Thu Bon rivers continued to rise quickly on November 6, flooding parts of southern Da Nang. The section of National Highway 1A from Dien Ban town (Quang Nam province) to Hoa Phuoc commune, Hoa Vang district (Da Nang) has been cut off by the flooding.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Dinh, Head of the Hoa Phuong Entrance Gate Traffic Police Station, in order to ensure safety for vehicles on National Highway 1A, the unit sent 3 patrol teams to critical locations controlling the traffic and directing vehicles to go through inundated road sections.

At midday, many sections of the National Highway 1A through Hoa Phuoc were under from 0.5 to 0.8 meter of flood water. The Hoa Nhon Entrance Gate Traffic Police Station in collaboration with the Traffic Inspectorate force directed vehicles to parking places and definitely prohibited cars or motorcycles to go through the flooded sections.

At the same time, the Hoa Phuoc Traffic Police used their vehicles to help hundreds of people escape floodplains to return home or continue their journeys to Da Nang. The unit also supported journalists of several press agencies to go through the flooded areas.

Below are some photos of the Hoa Phuoc Traffic Police officers helping passengers and vehicles out of floods:


By An Nhien