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Home of comradeship built for ethnic minority policeman

January, 18 2021
MPS - Recently, the Mobile Police High Command has run a charitable program targeting police officers and soldiers with housing difficulties.

Leaders of the Mobile Police High Command and Duong’s family at the new house.

Lieutenant Vi Van Duong, staff officer of the Battalion 2, the Northeast Mobile Police Regiment, is a beneficiary. The police officer is of the Thai ethnic minority, from Thanh Hoa province. Duong lost his father from his young age and he and his mother had to live in his uncle’s house.

The leaders of the Northeast Mobile Police Regiment decided to help Duong build a new house.

Along with the support from the People's Public Security Comradeship Fund of around VND 100 million, officers and soldiers of the regiment provided money and building materials worth VND 150 million for Vi Van Duong.

At the house inauguration ceremony, Lieutenant General Pham Quoc Cuong, Commander of the Mobile Police High Command congratulated Duong on his new home and wished him and his family to soon stabilize their life.

by Tien Thanh