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Local police forces help people prevent Covid-19

February, 27 2020
MPS - In the face of complicated developments in the Covid-19 situation, local police units recently carried out various social activities, including offering free medical facemasks and hand sanitizers, helping local people prevent Covid-19.

* On February 23, the Women's Union chapter of Logistics Division under the Bac Lieu Provincial Police Department visited and presented gifts to disadvantaged people at the Bac Lieu Provincial Social Protection Center.

Female police officers hand facemasks and hand sanitizers to representatives of the Social Portection Center.


The local police officers also equipped the center’s staff and protected persons with preventive measures against Covid-19 and other common diseases.

* On February 25, the Women's Union chapters of police units under the Quang Nam Provincial Police Department handed over 3,000 free medical facemasks and 60 bottles of antiseptic solution to patients at the Quang Nam Pediatric Hospital.

Police officers instruct patients to use facemasks and hand sanitizers properly.


The police officers also instructed patients to wear facemasks properly and advised them on various measures to prevent Covid-19 infection.

by Phung Nguyen