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Local police forces provide free facemasks to people amid nCoV epidemic

February, 05 2020
MPS - In response to the spread of the acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of Corona virus, police forces in various provinces and cities across the country offered free facemasks for people.

* In Hanoi, 75,000 free facemasks were distributed to people in public places.

Youths of Hanoi City’s police on February 2 offered 75,000 free four-layer medical facemasks to passers-by at the gates of Hanoi Railway Station (Hoan Kiem District) and Tay Ho Temple (Tay Ho District).

The motorbike driver wears a facemask provided by police officers.

A child is instructed to wear the facemask correctly.

Two British tourists happily receive free masks.


* In Nghe An, the traffic police force offered thousands of facemasks to people traveling on the roads.

Local traffic police officers and soldiers gave free medical facemasks to people on the road, especially coach drivers and passengers at road intersections.

Officers and soldiers of the Thai Hoa Town Police Post give free masks to drivers and passengers.


While giving free facemasks, the police forces also helped people wear masks properly and took measures to ensure traffic order and safety on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Traffic police of the Vinh City Police Station give free masks to people in front of the Vinh Bus Station.


* In Dong Nai, the Traffic Police Team under the Bien Hoa City Police Station provided free medical facemasks for people and workers travelling at some local intersections and routes.

A female traffic police officer gives free masks to people.


* In Dak Lak, on January 30 and 31, some units under the Dak Lak Provincial Police Department offered thousands of free medical facemasks to people at public service offices.

In addition, police officers gave free facemasks to passers-by at traffic checkpoints and busy traffic routes.

The Dak Lak Provincial Police offered thousands of free medical facemasks to people at public service offices.


by Trung Cuong