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Mobile Police High Command launched voluntary blood donation

February, 23 2021
MPS - The Mobile Police High Command, on February 22, held a blood donation drive with the slogan “Every drop of blood is donated, a life could be saved. Mobile police are ready to donate their blood”.

Lt. Gen. Pham Quoc Cuong speaks at the event.

Speaking at the event, Lieutenant General Pham Quoc Cuong, Mobile Police Commander, emphasized that over the past years, the movement of blood donation in the Mobile Police Force has been attracting a large number of officers and soldiers. The amount of donated blood donation has been increased year on year. More than 8,000 blood units have been donated since 2017, contributing significantly to medical treatment.

“I have donated blood and platelet 28 times. Every time I donate blood, I feel very happy and emotional. I always think that every drop of blood I give will save someone’s life,” Senior Lieutenant Vu Van Nam shared.

In this blood donation drive, the Mobile Police High Command planned to donate 1,000 units of blood, particularly blood of rare types. Due to the complicated situation of COVID-19, the organization of blood donation strictly followed the regulations of disease control.

A large number of officers and soldiers participate in voluntary blood donation.

by Thien Huong