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MPS builds dorm for poor students in Dien Bien Dong

September, 18 2020
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has called on donors to support a project on building a dormitory for students of the Ethnic Minority Semi-Boarding Junior High School in Phi Nhu commune, Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province.

The school was established in 2007, but until now it has only a two-story classroom building with no dormitory and function rooms. Currently, the school has 337 students, 80% of whom are boarders, but they have to stay in makeshift houses.

The makeshift homes for the ​​students.

Realizing the students’ difficulties, leaders of the MPS called on the Long Thanh Golf Company to support the building of a hostel for the needy students and other subprojects for the school.

The project covers ​​7,000 sqm with six items, including a two-story dormitory with 16 rooms, a canteen, a mess, toilets and bathrooms for boarding students, a water tank of 50-cbm capacity, a 1,000-sqm concrete yard and a system of electricity supply and water drainage.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the construction project.

The police of Dien Bien province was assigned to realize the project, which is expected to wrap up by January 2021.

by Thien Huong