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MPS’s Department of Health holds ceremony to plant valuable medicinal herbs

March, 08 2019
MPS - The Ministry of Public Security’s Department of Health on March 08 in coordination with the Phu Yen Provincial Police Department held a ceremony to launch the 2019 "Planting valuable medicinal herbs in spring" program.
The ceremony was attended by leaders from the MPS’s Traditional Medicine Hospital, 199 Hospital, Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine and more than 50 medical officers and youth members of the Phu Yen Provincial Police.
Representatives at the ceremony.

Planting medicinal herbs in spring is a practical annual program launched by the MPS with the aim of raising its medical staff’s awareness of the important role of traditional medicine in the examination, treatment and health care for the community. After five years of implementing the movement, medicinal the herb garden model have been widely multiplied in public security health centers, contributing to protecting medicinal herbs’ genes, creating on-spot pharmaceutical resources and beautifying the landscape.
At the ceremony, leaders of the Department of Health and Phu Yen Provincial Department urged all public security officers and soldiers to be aware of and promote the values of traditional medicinal herbs, as well as participate actively in planting, caringand protecting medicinal herb gardens.
Delegates plant herbs after the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, delegates planted many medicinal herbs such as Scheffleraoctophylla, Orthosiphonstamineus, Honeysuckle, Polyscias, Mint, Mexican Mint, Rhinacanthusnasutus ... in the Phu Yen Police Hospitalgarden.
By Minh Thao