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Nearly 200 teenagers experience summer police training semester

June, 15 2019
MPS - During the 10-day summer police training semester organized by the People’s Police Academy (PPA), 191 children lived and trained like police officers in a police environment. It provided a good chance for them to drill in their will, decent lifestyle and get skills to protect themselves and others.

The organization of the summer police training semester also aimed to further spread the movement  “All people protecting national security,” educate the young generation about traditions of the national construction and protection cause and raise their awareness of protecting the Fatherland. During the training course, the participating children were organized into platoons, lived in the camp like police officers, and trained in police regulations, martial arts and survival skills.

Such a summer police training semester also helps children understand better and have more good sentiments about the police force. 

“Young police officers” on their first day in the camp.

Queuing up is one of the training skills that the children are trained first to promote their discipline observance and act like police officers.

“Young soldiers” instructed to get on and get off motorbikes properly.

Young trainees learn traffic signs.

They practice riding bikes safely in difficult traffic situations.

"Young police officers” identify some basic drugs and their harms.

They are equipped with skills to identify signs of child abuse and handle situations of being abused.

All of them like physical training activities.

After only a few days of training, the participating children are used to the police life, well observe discipline.

They fold the blanket neatly according to the internal order.

They eat up their portions after hard training.

by Duy Tien