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Nghe An Police build house for needy comrade

June, 04 2020
MPS - The Vinh City Police in Nghe An province on June 4 held a groundbreaking ceremony for a “comradeship” house for Lieutenant Ngo Duc Hoang, officer of the Vinh City Police, living in Xuan Trung hamlet, Nghi Duc commune, Vinh city.

Lieutenant Ngo Duc Hoang has faced housing difficulties. He, his wife and their two children have lived together in a small rented house for many years in Xuan Trung hamlet, Nghi Duc commune, Vinh city.

Leaders of the Vinh City Police; kind donors and Lieutenant Ngo Duc Hoang at the groundbreaking ceremony.


To support Hoang's family to overcome the housing difficulty and gradually stabilize their lives, the Vinh City Police decided to mobilize units and other kind donors to support his family 240 million VND to build a new house.

Hoang and his family expressed happiness while receiving supports from dear comrades. They thanked the Vinh City Police and the kind donors for their great care, saying the house will help them stabilize their lives.

The meaningful activity expressed the spirit of mutual support in the public security forces for disadvantaged comrades. The new house will create a motivation for Hoang to achieve success in his career as well as contribute more to maintaining local security and social order.

By Viet Thanh