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Nghe An Police enhance dissemination on drug prevention and fight from grassroots level

May, 26 2019
MPS - The Nghe An Provincial Police have promoted dissemination drives on drug prevention and fight from the grassroots level over the past time, in addition to their direct and effective fighting against drug-related crimes, helping local people, especially people and students residing in hotspots avoid this dangerous social evil.

Recently, the Youth Union chapter and the Women Union chapter of the Nghe An Provincial Police Department have organized a dissemination program on anti-drug at the Tuong Duong 2 High School, Tuong Duong border District. During the program, they received enthusiastic support from the teachers and students.

At the program, Captain Le Ba Nhan, Deputy Secretary of the Nghe An Police’s Youth Union organization said that the dissemination program focused on the harmful effects of drug abuse and methods to detect and identify drugs and drug-addicted persons in community.

“In addition, we also provided students with information about drug-related crime and how to prevent this type of crime so that the students can be more proactive in detecting and avoiding drug-related evils”, Captain Le Ba Nhan added.

By using diverse and effective methods, the dissemination program has helped students quickly grasp information about the local drug addiction situation and the harmful effects of drugs and other addictive substances, and keep away from bad subjects.

According to the Nghe An police, in some areas, especially border ones, home to ethnic minorities, the prevention and fight against drug-related crimes still faces many difficulties. Bad subjects use many sophisticated tricks to avoid functional forces, while enticing young people to use, trade and illegally store drugs.

Therefore, in addition to dissemination programs at schools, the Nghe An Police also pay attention to holding dissemination drives on drug prevention and fight in residential areas. In particular, through warm meetings with local people, officers of the Nghe An Police talk and answer questions about drug-related issues to people.

Each talk with the participation of many people can help them recognize the harmful effects of drugs as well as plots and tricks of criminals, protect themselves from drug-related crime and participate in the struggle against drug-related crime.

It can be said that, besides detecting and preventing drug-related crimes, the work of public dissemination and education about drug prevention and fight, especially in border areas and areas at high risk of crime, has contributed significantly to the effectiveness of the prevention and fight against crimes in general, drug-related crimes in particular.

In the coming time, the Nghe An Police will continue to carry out dissemination programs on a regular and continuous basis to not only raise people's awareness of drug prevention and fight, but also contribute to helping people to be more proactive in detecting and fighting crimes.


by An Nhien