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People support functional forces participating in fight against COVID-19 in Dak Nong

April, 07 2020
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MPS - According to the Dak Nong Provincial Traffic Police Office, interdisciplinary forces at COVID-19 checkpoints on National Highway 14 have received great spiritual and material supports from the people over the past three days.

One organization, one enterprise and 18 individuals have donated VND 6.1 million, 75 kg of rice, ten boxes of instant noodles, six boxes of milk, 100 eggs, 18 boxes of drinking water and other necessities for the functional forces performing their duties at the checkpoints.

Ms. Le Thi Le presents gifts to on-duty interdisciplinary forces.


Particularly, Ms. Le Thi Le (88 years old, living in Kien Duc town, Dak R'lap district, Dak Nong province) travelled more than 20 km from her house to the checkpoint to give gifts and inquired after the on-duty police officers.

The above-mentioned gifts served as encouragement for the police officers and soldiers as well as other functional forces to better perform their tasks of preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the province.

People offer gifts and necessities to the functional forces working at COVID-19 checkpoints.


Reportedly, there are five interdisciplinary COVID-19 checkpoints along National Highway 14 and the National Highway 28 in Dak R’lap district, Cu Jut district and Dak G’long district (Dak Nong province). Functional forces working at the checkpoints work around the clock in three shifts to control people and vehicles entering the province in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic into the locality.


by Phuong Thao