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Police-donated porridge warms up poor patients

June, 08 2018
MPS - Police officers from the Environmental Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) offered free meals to poor patients at the National Cancer Hospital (in Tan Trieu commune, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi).

Every year, police officers of the Environmental Police Department in coordination with charitable groups cook and offer free meals of porridge and gruel as well as present gifts to poor patients at the National Cancer Hospital.

Police officers offer free meals to patients.

So far this year, the environmental police officers have cooked and offered some 2,000 portions of porridge and gruel, and presented various gifts to poor patients with lethal diseases at the hospital. Their activities have created some hope and motivation for the patients to overcome their diseases.

Officers of the Environmental Police Department said that they would keep doing the good deeds to encourage and back patients to struggle against their sickness while raising awareness and sense of responsibility for the community among the officers and improving the good image of the police officers in society. 

By Minh Thao