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Police forces actively support rain and flood-affected people in the central provinces

October, 19 2020
MPS - The police forces have been implementing various plans to ensure local security and safety as well as to protect people and their property amid complicated developments of rains and floods in central provinces, especially in mountainous and coastal areas.

* In Ha Tinh, the provincial police leaders have come to the flooded areas to check and guide the local police force in response to disaster. Meanwhile, 100% officers and soldiers of the district police have been put on duty. Police officers from the Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department were deployed to join local police forces in surveying the situation in key localities and critical areas with high risks of floods and landslides to find the preventive measures while quickly handling cases related to public order and security.

The Ha Tinh Provincial Police Department has implemented various plans and deployed forces to ensure safety for people and property in areas severely affected by floods and rains.

The police of the districts of Huong Son, Huong Khe, Duc Tho, Vu Quang, Nghi Xuan and Ky Anh town have mobilized their maximum forces to set up watch posts at landslide and flooded points on Highway 8A, Ho Chi Minh Road and key traffic routes to guide the traffic. The police forces prevent people and vehicles from crossing risky places.

* In Quang Binh, more than 34,000 houses have been inundated deep in floodwater. The Quang Binh Provincial Police Department has urgently directed its subordinate forces to implement measures to cope with floods while coordinating with functional forces and local authorities to evacuate about 1,500 people to safe places. All police forces are put on duty around the clock, ready for search and rescue missions on request.

The Traffic Police Force of Quang Binh evacuate and provide necessities for local people.

Along deeply flooded roads, the provincial traffic police forces have been deployed to guide people and vehicles travel safely. At landslide-prone areas, the police forces have put up warning signs. In addition, the police forces of districts and towns have actively established groups of policemen to deliver necessities to support people and evacuate people from flooded areas.

* In Quang Tri, right after receiving information about the landslide burying 22 soldiers of the 337 Defense-Economic Unit on October 18, 2020, in Huong Phung commune, the provincial police forces have mobilized more than 100 officers and soldiers with special function cars and ambulance to immediately approach the scene  and carry out the rescue mission.

The scene of the landslide occurred on October 18, 2020 in Huong Phung commune.

Traffic Police officers help passengers transferred from train to buses.

by Quang Linh