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PPA provides free medical facemasks, hand sanitizers to various universities in Hanoi

February, 22 2020
MPS - The Youth Union of the People's Police Academy (PPA), in coordination with the Youth Union chapter of the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC) and the Manulife Vietnam Company, on February 21 organized a charitable program to offer free medical facemasks and hand sanitizers to officers, lecturers and students of numerous universities and colleges in Hanoi.

The charitable program was part of the plan on Covid-19 prevention launched by the PPA’s Directorate.

Youths of the PPA and other donor organizations offer free medical facemasks to lecturers and students.


Particularly, the Youth Union chapters of the PPA, AJC and Manulife Vietnam Company called on organizations, businesses and individuals to donate money to buy and offer thousands of free facemasks and hand sanitizers to the staff and students of Hanoi-based educational and training institutions, helping them protect themselves from the Covid-19.

Manulife Vietnam Company hands over 12,500 facemasks and hand sanitizers to the representatives of the PPA.


The PPA’s medical staff and youths also instructed Hanoi lecturers and students to wear the medical facemasks properly and advise them on other effective preventive measures against the Covid-19.


by Cong Tuan