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Public security doctors provide free heal checkups for ethnic minority people

April, 26 2019
MPS - Doctors of Hospital 199 under the Ministry of Public Security provide free health check-ups and medicines for 400 Co-tu people in Ch’om commune, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province.

The event was part of a charity program conducted by doctors of Hospital 199 in the border area of Tay Giang district.

Public security doctors provide free health checkups for ethnic minority people in Quang Nam.


During the drive in Ch’om commune on April 18, the Public Security doctors, in collaboration with their colleagues at the Tay Giang District Health Center, also presented 100 gifts to local people.

According to Ho Dac Vinh, Chairman of the Ch’om Communal People’s Committee, the commune is home to 382 Co Tu families (1,694 people), with a poverty rate of 72%. The locals still face many difficulties in infrastructure and roads, obstructing local socio-economic development.

by Thien Minh