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Quang Nam female police officers offer porridge to patients

October, 01 2019
MPS - With the spirit of serving the people, female public security officers of the Phu Ninh District Police Station (Quang Nam Province) have spent a lot of their time and energy on needy people for many years apart from successfully fulfilling their assigned tasks.

Every Tuesday morning, the Women's Union Charter and the Youth Union chapter of the Phu Ninh District Police Station, come and deliver free porridge to patients being treated at the District Health Center. These porridge portions make the sick people feel warmer and encourage them to overcome their sufferings.

To have funds for social activities for needy people and beneficiary families on the occasion of public holidays and Tet holiday, female police officers have promoted a savings movement by extracting small amounts of money for the savings every day.

Such meaningful activities of the Women's Union Charter of the Phu Ninh District Police Station have provoked voluntarism among young police officers and help promote the image of the police officer with strong willpower, humanity and devotedness to the people.

Female police officers distribute free porridge to patients.

by Cong Nghiep