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Quang Nam police carry out various social activities in 2020

March, 22 2021
MPS - With their voluntarism and creativity, young officers of Quang Nam police have actively participated in various social activities in support of vulnerable groups over the past time.

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of young police officers in Quang Nam province voluntarily work on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic. Despite intensive work, long working time and high risks of disease infection, hundreds of young officers joined hands in the COVID-19 prevention and ensuring security and social order in remote areas. 

Meanwhile, the Youth Union organization of the Quang Nam provincial police raised VND400 million of funds to support to frontline forces in the battle against the disease.

Young officers of Quang Nam fix the roof of a poor family’s home after the storm and flood in 2020.

In the rainy season in 2020, Quang Nam province suffered many flash floods, landslides that caused huge damage to people and property. Especially, such mountainous districts as Nam Tra My, Bac Tra My, and Phuoc Son suffered a lot of consequences of natural disasters. During the natural disasters, young officers coordinated with local people to evacuate people from prone-flood and landslide areas, engaged in search and rescue missions, and help vulnerable people to deal with consequences of the natural disasters.

In addition, young police officers in Quang Nam carried a lot of social activities supporting poor students. In particular, through the program "Supporting students to go to school" launched by the Youth Union Chapter of Quang Nam province, since 2017, 30 students in difficult circumstances have received a monthly award of VND500,000 – 700,000 each to support them to go school.

by Hai Long