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Quang Nam young police officers active in blood donation

July, 05 2018
MPS - The Youths of the Quang Nam Provincial Police on July 5 coordinated with the Red Cross of Quang Nam to organize the annual voluntary blood donation day of the province.

The blood donation day saw the participation of some 200 police officers of Quang Nam as well as 150 volunteers from the Club 25 of Quang Nam. The organizers collected some 266 blood units after the donation day. The permanent participants at the blood donation day have now become active in disseminating and promoting the campaign, mobilizing many other people to join the meaningful activity to save lives of patients with serious diseases.

Police officers of Quang Nam active in blood donation.

Through the blood donation day, the Youth Union Chapter of the Quang Nam Police still mobilizes local police officers and soldiers to contribute to the “living blood bank”, offering blood on request to ill police officers and soldiers as well as to ensure blood supply for medical treatment. 

By Nguyen Long