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Quang Ninh police not only ensure security and order but also support needy people

March, 02 2019
MPS - The Provincial Police of Quang Ninh launched a traffic surveillance camera system on March 1 to detect and handle all traffic violations along the National Highway 18.

The camera system can itself record images of traffic violations on the road, including over-speeding, wrong lane driving, violation of stopping, standing and parking on the road, traffic lights violation. This is part of the solutions to raise the people’s awareness of obeying traffic regulations and laws, as well as to curb traffic accidents and ensure traffic order, safety, contributing to building a modern traffic system.

The surveillance camera system.

* The Women’s Union and Youth Union Chapters of the Quang Ninh Provincial Police office for Administrative Management of Social Order on March 2 coordinated with General Hospital of Quang Ninh to offer some 1,000 free portions of porridge to patients under treatment at the hospital. This is a regular charitable activity carried out by the female and young police officers of the unit, with the aim of encouraging and supporting patients suffering great pains.

Free portions of porridge offered to the patients.

The youths of the Tien Yen District Police Station coordinated with the youths of the Tien Yen District Medical Center to launch a charitable program called “Charity wardrobe”. The program calls on people to donate unused clothes and other necessities to help poor people and children in the locality.

The “Charity wardrobe” of the district police.

Police officers of Tien Yen visit and present gifts to poor students.

These charitable activities of the police officers of Quang Ninh reflect the good tradition of the Vietnamese people of helping others in need and contribute to promote the good image of the police in the people’s heart. 

by Duy Tien