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Soc Trang policewomen effectively conduct social activities

March, 13 2020
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MPS - Over the past time, the female police officers of the Soc Trang Provincial Police Department have made great efforts to successfully fulfill their tasks assigned by the Party, the State and the Ministry of Public Security.

So far, the Soc Trang Provincial Police Women's Union has nearly 430 members and 25 constituent cells, including 11 cells of district-level police units and 14 ones of agencies under the Provincial Police Department.

Local policewomen hand over a charitable house to a poor family.


The Women's Union cells have developed and maintained many good models of women affairs while excellently completing their main tasks, over the past years. Their achievements in both women work and professional work have been highly appreciated by the leadership of the Soc Trang provincial police.

Particularly, the model “Charitable rice jars” launched by the Women's Union cell of the Criminal Police Office and the Investigation Police Office of Drug-related Crimes appears to be effective. Every month, 12 members of the women’s organization spared one kilogram of rice for charitable purposes. Since 2010, they have donated 1,784 kilograms of rice to 66 policewomen’ families and policy beneficiaries in need in the province.

The Soc Trang Police Women's Union gives gifts to disadvantaged families and lonely elders.


With its outstanding results, the model was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Director of the Soc Trang Provincial Police Department in 2019. In addition to the "Charitable rice jars" model, the local policewomen also visited and supported the families of poor retired police officers or wounded ones.

In the coming time, the Soc Trang Provincial Police Women's Union will continue to mobilize its female police officers to participate actively in emulation movements while further promoting the meaningful and practical models and activities.


by Anh Tuan