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Son Ha District Police issue ID cards for people at home

November, 14 2019
MPS - In order to save time and travel costs for people, the Son Ha District Police Station in Quang Ngai Province, recently have sent a working team to communes to help elderly, sick, and disadvantaged people complete the procedures for identity cards (ID).

Son Ha District Police issue ID cards to people at their home.


Mr. Dinh K Reo, a resident of Lang Rin Village, Son Trung Commune, said happily, “My ID has been expired but I’m not able to go to the police station to renew it due to my illness. I am very happy because policemen have come to my house to renew my ID", he said.

Sending police officers to villages to issue ID cards for local people is an effort of the local police to provide the best administrative services to the people. This saves local people’s time and money on one hand, and helps the police detect and correct false information about citizens on the other hand.

by Ha Trang