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Thanh Hoa Police active in helping people overcome aftermath of floods

September, 05 2018
MPS - The Provincial Police of Thanh Hoa deployed forces during the recent vacation days to various localities to help people overcome aftermath of the recent flooding.

Floods caused severe losses and damages in various districts of Thanh Hoa.

Heavy rains resulted in floods in various districts of Thanh Hoa, including Muong Lat, Quan Hoa, Ba Thuoc, Cam Thuy, Thach Thanh, Vinh Loc, and Yen Dinh and Thanh Hoa city, and the flooding caused great damages and losses. The floodwater has currently receded, but left great losses to local people.

By September 2, Thanh Hoa recorded 4 deaths and 5 missing people due to the floods. After the floods, 208 houses collapsed and 150 others were severely damaged, some 12,000 houses were submerged, and 20 schools were more or less affected by the flooding.

Police officers and soldiers clean the flood-hit houses, schools...

Additionally, over 2,500 hectares of rice and crops were ruined; 11,300 poultries were killed, 5 bridges were flown away and various roads were flooded or eroded.

The Provincial Police of Thanh Hoa mobilized maximum forces during the last weekend to coordinate with functional forces and local people to rebuild houses, collect people’s assets, clear solid and mud off roads to restore the local traffic.

Hundreds officers and soldiers of the police and military were deployed to various flooded communes of Vinh Loc, Yen Dinh, Thach Thanh districts and Thanh Hoa city on September 2 and 3 to support local people in overcoming the consequences of the floods.

In the mountainous districts of Muong Lat, Quan Son, Quan Hoa, Ba Thuoc and Cam Thuy, common efforts were made to overcome the aftermath of the floods.

By Duy Anh