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Young police officers from Ho Chi Minh City conduct social activities in Long An Province

May, 21 2019
MPS - Officers and soldiers of the External Security Office of the HCM Municipal Police Department has recently collaborated with doctors of the District 2 Hospital to offer poor people in Thanh Phu Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province free health checkups and gifts.

Working mission presents gifts to policy beneficiaries and poor people.


During the social program, local people received free health checkups, health counseling and medicines to treat some common diseases. In addition, the working mission presented gifts to 300 local beneficiaries and needy people.

As the working mission included young officers, soldiers, doctors, they all participated very actively and enthusiastically in social activities in support of needy local people and the community as a whole.

Free health checkups and medicines provided for needy people.


Although the charitable program cost hundreds of millions of VND, it could not compare with the kind hearts, sympathy, and the love for the needy of young police officers and medical workers.

by An Nhien