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Youths of Guard Police Command donate blood

June, 12 2018
MPS - The youths of the Command of Guard Police on June 12 organized a blood donation day, the first drive of 2018, themed “Blood Donation for Dear Comrades”.

Youths of the Guard Police Command in the blood donation day.

The Youth Union chapter of the Guard Police Command has organized numerous blood donation drives with the participation of some 3,000 youths over the past years. The good deeds demonstrate the sentiments and responsibility of the youths of the Guard Police Command as well as their willingness to support their comrades and people in need.

The annual activity has also left a good impression and beautified the image of the youth of the Guard Police Command over the past years.

This year’s program saw the participation of some 250 youths, and over 240 blood units were collected. The second edition will be held by the Youth Union chapter later in June. 

By Minh An