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Youths of MPS’s Office, Economic Security Department carry out social activities in Thai Nguyen

July, 26 2020
MPS - The Youth Union chapters of the Ministry of Public Security’s (MPS) Office, in coordination with the Youth Union chapter of the Department of Economic Security, organized a voluntary program and carried out various gratitude activities in Thai Nguyen province on July 25.

In Dai Tu district, youths of the two units offered incense at the Historical Site of Vietnamese Youth Volunteers’ birthplace (in Yen Lang commune), and planted souvenir trees in the July 27 National Monument (in Hung Son town).

Delegates offer flowers and incense at the July 27 National Monument.

After that, the delegation visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mother Dao Thi Mui (in Tan Thai commune, Dai Tu district) and the family of public security martyr Le Van Phuong (in Hung Son town, Dai Tu district).

They also presented 18 packages of gifts to wounded soldiers and needy former volunteer youths while offering 10 bicycles to poor local students with good school records. The gifts were worth nearly VND 70 million in total donated by officers and soldiers of the MPS’s Office and the Department of Economic Security.

Delegates give gifts to wounded soldiers and needy former volunteer youths, and bicycles to poor students with good school records.

Within the framework of the program, the delegation offered incense at the National Historical Relic Site dedicated to Fallen Youth Volunteers of Company 915, Unit 91 Bac Thai in Gia Sang ward, Thai Nguyen city. Young policemen also organized a friendly football match with youths of the Office of Staff Work and the Office of Economic Security under the Thai Nguyen Provincial Police Department.

The delegation visits and presents gifts to the family of People's Public Security Martyr Le Van Phuong.

These meaningful activities were part of a traditional education program for Youth Union members in celebration of the 70th Traditional Day of the Vietnam Volunteer Youths, the 73rd Wounded Soldiers and Martyrs’ Day, the 75th founding anniversary of the People’s Public Security Forces, and the 15th “All People Protecting National Security” Festive Day.

by Bao Viet