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Youths of Ninh Thuan Police Department active in blood donations amid COVID-19 pandemic

March, 23 2020
MPS - The Youth Union of the Ninh Thuan Provincial Police Department in coordination with Ninh Thuan General Hospital, on March 18 held the “Voluntary Blood Donation Day” to ease blood shortages at local hospitals due to the COVID-19.

According to Captain Tran Hoang Nguyen Vu, Secretary of the Ninh Thuan Provincial Police Department’s Youth Union, amid complicated developments in the COVID-19 situation, the local blood bank for medical treatment was running out.

The voluntary blood donation drive attracted nearly 100 police officers and soldiers. In addition, a number of Youth Union members and young people of the unit also registered to donate their blood on request.

Local police officers and soldiers actively participate in voluntary blood donation.


With the message “Every drop of blood is donated, a life could save”, the local police officers and soldiers are always willing to donate their blood to save lives of patients at medical facilities needing blood transfusion.

Their activity also contributes to spreading sympathy and noble spirit among all police officers and soldiers as well as build up good images of the Public Security Forces in the people’s heart.


by Tien Dung