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Youths of PPA carry out various charitable activities in Dien Bien

July, 14 2020
MPS - In response to the Summer Volunteer Campaign launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s Central Committee and the Public Security Youth Union, the People's Police Academy (PPA) has recently organized a charitable program themed "The green journey to the land of mountain ebony" in Tua Thang commune, Tua Chua district and Nam Nai commune, Muong Cha district of Dien Bien province.

Youths from the PPA called on benefactors to donate VND 400 million to build a 60m2 semi-boarding dorm and a toilet for local students. They also awarded more than 3,000 chicken eggs, 100 mango trees, one solar power system, two bookcases, 15 sets of textbooks, more than 3,000 notebooks and 300 helmets for students at Tua Thang Primary School (Tua Chua district) and the Nam Nen Primary School (Muong Cha district).

Voluntary delegates, teachers, and students of the Nam Nen Primary School.

In addition, the voluntary delegation gave 80 packages of gifts, worth VND 40 million in total, to policy beneficiaries, needy families, and poor students with good school records in the locality. The PPA’s delegation also offered 200 free meals tor poor students, worth VND 280 million in total.

The delegates also visited and inquired after martyrs' families as well as cleaned and offered incense at local martyrs’ cemeteries. They also joined hands in clearing bushes on the roadsides and dredging local canals at the two communes.

Furthermore, they have installed a solar power system to provide electricity for lighting and hot water for needy local students, with the aim of encouraging them to study harder.

* Some photos of the charitable program:

by Ngoc Hoang