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Youths of Public Security support locals to overcome flood consequences

November, 10 2017
MPS - The Youth Union chapter of the Quang Nam Provincial Police together with the Dai Loc District Police assisted local people to overcome consequences of the recent flooding. Their moves have won people’s hearts and minds.

By Tuesday, the water levels of some rivers in Quang Nam province started subsiding but slowly so low-lying areas in Dai Loc still remained inundated by the floodwaters.

From early morning, a coach carrying more than 30 youth union members of the Quang Nam Provincial Police headed toward Dai Loc district to help local people clean up the residential areas after the floods. 



As soon as the coach arrived, the voluntary youths joined local people in tidying up their homes and cleaning the surroundings and environment.

They also joined hands with teachers of the Le Quy Don Secondary School (Dai Minh commune) in clearing up mud and waste from the campus, repairing and cleaning classrooms, desks and chairs in the hope that the teachers and children could soon resume schooling.



The mission also handed over 30 packs of gift to residents of hamlet 9, Dai Cuong commune, Dai Loc district.

From November 7 to 9, the volunteer youth missions planned to visit and inquire after local households affected by the recent floods and present 100 packs of gifts worth 300,000 VND each to the local victims.

By An Nhien