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Youths of Quang Ninh Police join Blood Donation Day

May, 09 2018
MPS - The Provincial Police of Quang Ninh in association with the General Hospital of Quang Ninh organized a blood donation day in Ha Long city.

The program saw the participation of some 200 members of Youth Union members, police officers and soldiers of units under the Provincial Police. Some 170 blood units were collected at the end of the blood donation day.

Police officers and soldiers of Quang Ninh join the blood donation day.

The blood donation contributed importantly to the blood bank of local hospitals, used for medical treatment of patients. This activity of local police also evoked and promote the sense of mutual support and compassion among police officers and soldiers, and aimed at responding to the campaign of “Building on People’s Public Security Officers’ qualities of bravery and humanity and dedication to the people”.

The blood donation campaign will be further promoted among the police forces of Quang Ninh with a view to avoiding a shortage of blood for medical treatments.

By Minh Minh